Mobility Scooter hire


elfi websiteMobility means freedom and independence

Mobile4Ever is Austrias leading service provider for renting mobility e-scooters.

Our modern, foldable scooters enable you to move freely and independently and can be easily transported in any car or taxi.


Whether short- or long-term, Mobile4Ever will meet your needs.

Its our vision to enable all people to move freely and independently. 


More and more people rely on our services to enjoy full mobility. For example: 

  • for a day trip with their loved ones or a sightseeing tour
  • for several days during vacation or a stay at a health resort
  • for a shopping trip 
  • to stay independent and mobile
  • to attend a conference or fair
  • to cover distances that otherwise must be covered by foot
  • to overcome short- or medium-term mobility restrictions, for example after an accident
  • to cover longer distaces in less time and less effort


Mobile4Ever is your reliable partner to meet your mobility needs. 


Your e-scooter will be delivered directly to your hotel, place of interest or any other location. 

It is very easy to handly and drives with a maximum speed of 10-18 km/h.

Rentals are possible for single days or several days.

We are happy to support you!


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