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jinnew blau1

Seedream Scoter

Springdreamer Maston Photo1 1
Type Classic Models Comfort

                  lightweight, foldable, flexible and comfortable                                  for the city, parks, museums, shopping trips                                easy car transport

extra powerfull for long distances & extra heavy load

motor power  250 W 600 W
maximum load bis 120 kg bis 190 kg
speed  7,8 - 10 km/h 13,5 km/h
range 20 km + 50 km
weight 55 kg   68 kg 131 kg
dimensions  118x53x98 cm 113x54x88 cm 137×64×130 cm
tires 9´´   8´´front + 9´´ back 13´´
colours red, blue   white, silver blue


Delivery directly to your home adress, hotel or place of interest. 

Our friendly staff will explain the easy handling upon delivery and have time for any questions!