Where am I allowed to drive the mobility scooter:

The scooter may drive everywhere where also bicycles are allowed to drive as well as on sidewalks. Also in many public buildings, places of interest and shops it is allowed to go by scooter for mobility reasons. 


How do I get the E-Scooter:

Your mobility scooter will be delivered directly to the agreed adress at the agreed time. 


How to handle the E-Scooter:

Upon delivery our staff will explain the easy handling.


Where can I park the scooter:

If you wish to park the E-Scooter, please park it without the key on a public parking place or on the sidewalk if it is wide enough so pedestrians are still able to pass. In the hotel please take the E-Scooter to your room or place it in a storage room as agreed with the hotel. 


How can I charge the scooter if I rent for several days:

Charging is possible at any normal power socket. 


How can I make reservation:

Just contact us by phone or Email or book online.